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Can You Ace Her Chemistry Test?

From the flurry of texts in the following days, the eager groping fat burner mens health the back of the bar on our first date, and the fact that I invited him to close out an evening at my place just a few days after that, it was clear we had something between us. A spark, lust.

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When I walked him out to his car the morning after our first full night together, we held hands and giggled like schoolkids—until, that is, I saw the cop. It's listed on the stolen vehicle registry," the stern, uniformed woman said.

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David shrugged, clearly guilty. I didn't stick around to find out, and practically sprinted back to my apartment. My humiliating lesson: Chemistry can come in many forms, which may or may not lead to love.

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This chemistry has the potential to erupt like Mentos dropped in Diet Coke. So we tapped our expert chemist—er, psychologists—to help us understand what types of volatile reactions you need and how to assess whether you have them. Read on and start applying a little scientific method to your love life.


Why it's important: This sort of compatibility predicts relationship sustainability over the long haul. This type of chemistry is more than just compatible IQs; it's the feeling you each have of being continually impressed with how the other's mind works.

Spot it: You may not understand that robotics project she's working on, but you'll close the bar down listening to her talk about it.

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Meanwhile, she'll sacrifice a Saturday to watch a Scorsese marathon with you as you explain the nuances of his work. You might argue about politics, but the next morning, you e-mail links to each other to prove your respective points, says psychologist Lisa Firestone, Ph.

You'll also occasionally concede defeat, she says.

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Cultivate it: Expressing your intellectual curiosity will put you both in sync, especially if at first meeting you two seem to have nothing in common. To build that intellectual chemistry, ask her to teach you a skill she loves, fat burner mens health give her a lesson in something you love.

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Why it's important: Physical attraction releases a hormone flood that sparks the chemical reaction. It's the building block of physical arousal, says Fisher. And it's fueled by testosterone, which sparks your desire and helps you muster the courage to approach her.

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Spot it: Your brain will make it obvious. Cultivate it: Find a reason to touch. Flirty skin-to-skin contact brings on a surge of hormones including the "cuddle hormone," oxytocinmaking you feel closer to the person you're touching.

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It's also a powerful way to prove that you're not a threat, says David Givens, Ph. The best way to do that, Givens says, is to be playful. At a bar, for example, invite her to play a round of pool. Shower her with compliments, but keep them specific, says Scott Haltzman, M. This type of planning can produce spontaneous physical connection: You're reminding yourself to notice her, and when she feels appreciated, she naturally turns her attention to you.

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